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Trade Stalls

We attend a variety of events as a trade stall. Food fairs, fetes, carnivals, markets and festivals.

When we operate as a stall we offer our beers as single bottles and also a pick n mix gift box.

We always have tasters and love to talk about our beers! 

Of course we love our customers to be able to purchase and consume their beer at the time and where possible we do offer this, but we understand there are some events where this is not appropriate.

Beer Tasting

Perfect for corporate events and smaller gatherings!

Our beer tasting sessions can be as short as 20 minutes or long as an hour. We will agree a number of beers with you in advance and then during the session let one of our brilliant team guide you through the products and what the taste tells you about them.

We also offer beer tasting as part of our bar service and trade stalls if this is something that interests you